What we fund

Ongoing - re-location & preservation of historic brasses

Expert assessment, historical research, project plan and budgeting are ongoing.

Sincere thanks to the Co-op for making a most generous donation towards this project.

Ongoing - War Memorial

We are currently in negotiation with a number of stakeholders to correct an error on the War Memorial.  More news on this subject will be posted here soon.

Materials and Labour - we have ...

Limewashed the interior of the Church.

Repaired the 17th century altar rails.

Installed polycarbonate window protection.

Replaced the flagpole (new steelwork pole).

Repaired and re-plastered major cracks in the nave.

Assisted with the tuning of the bells.

Donation towards the new heating system.

The Churchyard

Regular working parties are organised to maintain the churchyard when the grass is cut, shrubs and trees are pruned and damaged graves repaired.